• The role of ambulance clinicians in management and leadership

      Taylor, James (2011-01)
      Abstract published with permission. Ambulance clinicians are ‘professional problem solvers’. As such, they share much in common with managers within organizations, and have much to offer in terms of the contribution that they can make to the management and leadership of the organisations within which they work. This article highlights the importance of management and leadership development opportunities being made available for ambulance clinicians. A practical approach is advocated, whereby ‘hybrid roles’ are developed to enable individuals to gain practical experience of management and leadership within a structured and supportive environment, while retaining an element of clinical practice. A case study is used to illustrate the article, based upon the author's own career within the NHS to date which has combined both management and clinical practice with structured management and leadership development. Practical advice is offered for those ambulance clinicians who may be interested in undertaking such development in future, or who wish to explore further their role as clinical leaders.