• Ambulance clinician assessment and management of transient loss of consciousness: a retrospective clinical audit

      Shaw, Joanna; Ulrich, Alex; Fothergill, Rachael; Whitbread, Mark (2016-01)
      Abstract published with permission. Introduction: Transient loss of consciousness (T-LOC) is thought to be underestimated and under-managed in the pre-hospital setting. This clinical audit aims to assess the compliance of ambulance clinicians against the National Institute of Clinical Excellence guidance on the management of patients with T-LOC. Method: Ninety-four patients’ clinical records and electrocardiograms (ECGs) were reviewed to determine appropriateness of assessment and patient management. Results: In this limited sample, findings show standard assessments and history documented for all patients were equally well recorded for T-LOC patients, but those specific to T-LOC were not. The number of ECGs conducted and interpreted correctly was an additional area of concern. Conclusions: Further assessments and history specific to T-LOC are required in the pre-hospital setting to ensure any potentially serious causes are recognised and these patients are taken to hospital.